Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Right now I am smiling because...

1. Its wednesday- on wednesday I teach 5 classes instead of my regular 8 because the kids get our early. It is so nice to have wednesday be an easy day for me. It gives me a moment to catch my breath and relax in the middle of the week

2. Its only 2 and 1/2 weeks to spring break bliss ( need I say more). I look forward to going to boot camp in the morning all week and catching up on some of my favorite shows ( greys anatomy has my name written all over it!)

3. I get to indulge in some sweet treats on Friday. I am going to give vegan ice cream a try.

4. I get to see my mom this weekend! I normally see her every weekend but she has been in Cali so its been 2 weekends since I have seen her. what can I say, I am a momma's girl!

5. The weather- you know you are in for a refreshing day when the high temp is in the 60's

Saturday, February 20, 2010 has begun

Reins and I started the diet and the blog. If you would like to follow us on our adventure check it out at

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To eat dairy or not to eat dairy, that is the question

So I have read my fair share of diet and nutrition books. Pretty much all of the holistic health books are anti-dairy. This breaks my heart because dairy is my favorite food group. I have milk every morining as part of my breakfast, I have lowfat string cheese for my mid morning snack and a piece of lowfat cheese for my night snack. Dairy is just one of my many food loves. SO the question is, is dairy good for you or not? There is so much controversy over it. A while back Reina was wathcing an episode of Oprah that was all about health and nurtrition. Alicia Silverstone was on it. She has a book called the kind diet, which is a vegan diet, and she is so in love with it. Reina told me she wanted to give it a try and I thought she was crazy. Then I started researching about it and thought, why not try it? So we are going to be going vegan for one month. We start on saturday and are really excited about it. Does this mean I will become vegan for life? Probably not, but maybe it will help me develop some healthy habits. We are going to be doing a blog to track our day to day recipes, thoughts, results while we are vegan. Once the site is set up I will post the address. Hello Whole Foods, good bye Walmart.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chocolate Affair

Last weekend my sister, my mom and I went to Glenndale's annual chocolate affair. It was a chocolate lovers paradise and a dieter's nightmare ( I happen to fall into both catagories). We took a tour of a chocolate factory, ate some chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, and got a mini hamburger that game with chocolate bbq sauce ( yummy). There were vendors everywhere selling fudge, chocolate treats, ice cream and even vegan chocolate. We came, we conquered and we ate an exra 1000 calories, but it was one fabulous day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Yes it sounds digusting. However, bacon and hot dogs are two of Joshy's favorite food. When we go out for ice cream, he orders hot dogs instead. This year for valentines we gave eachother a budget of $10. So I am going to be making him a goodies basket which will include chocolate covered bacon. I found a recipe and will be endeavoring in this tonight. So I will let you know how yummy or disgusting it is. The good news about making chocolate covered bacon is that I won't be tempted to eat it like I would with other treats. I am very curious about what he is getting me for $10. Sometimes being cheap can really bring out your creative side. Cheers to Valentines day!
So I added the picture of the choc bacon and Josh loved the way it turned out! Bon apetite!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The closest i will ever get to...

Being inside a building in China.

Celebrating a Japanese New Year. (Darumas for sale) The little heads we are hoding are Darumas. A Japanese tradtion is to buy and Daruma ( which has only white eyes and no pupils) you add one pupil and them make a wish for the year. When it comes true you get to add the pupil to other eye.

Seeing England. No tea and crumpets for me :(

Hanging out in a German town. The buildings are so cute!

Going to Italy. I would love to Rome with all its historical places and buildings. And how fun would it be to experience real authentic italian gelato--YUMMY!
I would love to travel and experience the world, but for now I will have to hold on to the memories made at EPCOT since that may be the closest i ever get to seeing these places. Man, EPCOT is the best ever!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Elementary Valentines

I had a flashblack the other day of how much fun Valentines day was when you are a kid. It was the cutest holiday. You get to spend time in class making a little Valentine's box or heart pouch. Then you get to go to the store and pick out your valentines. I remember one year someone gave out valentines that you could stick to your window ( clear plastic kind) and I thought that was the coolest thing. So the next valentines I bought the window clinging valentines to give out so I could be the one givng the "good stuff". Once you pick out your valentines, you get to go home and write your messages and assemble your candy coonversation hearts with the valentines. Then to top it all off, you get a class party and pass out the valentines and then get to read your valentines. How sweet is Valentines day in elementary school! I still love Valentines day, but now it is a totally different holiday as an adult.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Here is the thing about Skinny Jeans...

Skinny Jeans are totally cute and I have no problem with them coming back in style. However, it is my opinion that skinny jeans are not for everyone. I think the title pretty much sums it up: Skinny jeans are for skinny people. If you have legs like Mischa Barton, then you can pull off skinny jeans. I am not so lucky to be able to pull off skinny jeans, which is no big deal I just stick with straight leg and my good old trusty boot cut. But I do have one thing to complain about when it comes to skinny jeans--they are taking over the jean section of every store. Every time I go looking for jeans, I pick out a pair that I like to find out that the legs taper down and they are in fact skinny jeans. So to skinny jeans everywhere, please stay in your own section and don't crowd out my beloved boot cut jeans. I can't leave without them and I don't want to be forced to live a life with my thighs being paraded around in skinny jeans. Lay off skinny jeans and mind your own business, you are not for everyone!

Our wedding--The best day ever!

Our wedding--The best day ever!
I am such a sucker for wedding pictures so I thought I would post one of us!

My graduation, May 2008

My graduation, May 2008