Monday, June 21, 2010

My Summer Loves

There are a few things this summer that I am totally into and I know that you are just dying to find out,so here is my list of summer loves...

1. The bachlorette- this season has made me laugh so hard ( thanks Kaci) I am currently team Cape Cod ( Chris) and team Kirk

2. Fresh Fruit sorbet- I make some every night with my vitamix and it is so refreshing and yummy. I am definitley addicted

3. Jake Gyllenhaal in the Prince of Persia- his biceps were so yummy in that and I loved his little smirk. I am not ususally the type to get all worked up over men in movies but he did it to me in this one

4. Will Arnett- he is my current celeb crush because everytime I watch him in stuff he makes me laugh so hard

5. Silver Sun Pickups- they have been around for a while but lately I can't seem to get enough of their music. Their sound is so unique and loves it!

Well there you have it folks, I know it was so exciting for you. I am currenlty counting down the days till I get to see Eclipse! Reins and I are making shirts this weekend. Eclipse has some of my favorite moments out of the whole series so I am so stoked on this.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shopping Therapy

I do believe in a little thing I like to call shopping therapy. When you are having one of those bad days where you just feel down I recommend getting out to your favorite store. Nothing like a new shirt or earings to make you feel better. I also believe a girl can never have to much lingerie and right now both Federicks and Victorias Secret are having there semi-annual sale. So tuesday I hit the mall and stocked up on some goodies. I have to say that although I may not love my body, wearing lingerie makes me feel pretty and sexy ( I just dont look in the mirror while I am wearing it). So get out buy some hot lingerie, do a little dance, make a little love and get down tonight!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the opposite of summer time blues

Being on summer makes me cheerful 24/7. It's funny because I normally get so irritated and moody 7 days before my period and I am 3 days away and feeling happy as ever. I guess being off work cures PMS ( except for the serious appetite and cramps). I have been averaging 9.5 hours of sleep a night and I hit the gym for an hour everyday and indulge on homeade fruit sorbet and apparently thats the perfect recipe for a good mood. Josh said he wishes he made enough money so I could be home all the time. He is not used to coming home to dinner and a clean house during the school year, so he feels spoiled in the summer. Not even the 110 degree weather is going to bring me down--I love you summer! Happy summer to you all!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Texas Highlights part 1

Joshy and I had a blast in Texas. Here are a few of the good highlights....
My sister in law Brooke added some excitement to my hair. Purple is my second favorite. Thanks Brooke I love it!
Spending time with the parents. Look at how pretty it is there. Josh's parents live on 13 acres of green land. I love all the big trees.
Hanging out with the nephews. This pic is of Chase and Dax, they are the youngest of the nephews and I cant believe how big they have gotten. Its been 2 years since we have seen them and now they are all grown up! It was so fun to spend some time with the little guys.

We did some antic shopping in downtown austin. It was fun to see all the shops but man it was freakin hot there. My clothes were constantly wet with sweat--sexy!

Everyone was so wonderful and they totally spoiled Joshy and I. I got lots of girl time in with the sister in laws which I totally loved. Josh was able to observe his brother Jim in action doing Myropractics ( which Josh is currently going to school for). He learned lots while we there.
Here are a few of my not so favorite things about the texas trip:
1. Being in the car for 15 hours. thats right people it is 1000 miles of driving. The worst part is I just sit around for all of those hours and then when you eat it is greasy fast food--my butt probably grew a few inches on the trip. Time to detox
2. The weather was actually hotter in Austin than here back home, thats when you know it was way too hot for comfort. next time I am just going to wear underwear the whole trip.
3. Unpacking. Need I really say more?
Stay tuned for more highlights of our trip!

Our wedding--The best day ever!

Our wedding--The best day ever!
I am such a sucker for wedding pictures so I thought I would post one of us!

My graduation, May 2008

My graduation, May 2008