Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yeah for Prop 100 passing! My district is keeping P.E. so it looks like I will get to teach next year. HOORAY! I totally love my job and feel so blessed that I get to keep it.

I taught my last class today. Now I have 8 weeks off from teaching and lunch duty.

Josh and I are taking a road trip to visit the parentals in Austin. I used to look forward to pigging out on bbq when we got to Austin ( I mean have you tried Salt Lick cause it's AMAZING) but this time I will be checking out some vegan restaurants. I love that we get to finally see his family, its been 2 years since we visited.

I so need to get a steering wheel cover. You know when your car has been sitting outside for more than 10 minutes in the AZ summer that it will feel like an oven at 350 degrees when you get back in the car ( that is one thing I hate about summer). Well Reins got me this fab steering wheel cover a while back that saved my hands lives. I mean if you touch that steering wheel without one you could get 3rd degree burns (seriously). Before I had the beloved cover I used to see what trash I could scam up in my car that I could use to protect my hand like a napkin or a bag ( you know you have done it too). Unfortunately my cover died a few months back so i need to find one that can compare.

I recently bought a heart rate moniter and fell in love. It keeps track of your heart rate and caloreis burned from your workouts and it makes me happy. Plus its pink!

On Monday morning I don't have to set an alarm because I can sleep in! Okay truthfully I am getting up at 7:30 so I can go running with Elizabeth but thats 2 hours later than I normally get up for work.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Visions of Sugar Plums...

So its not so much visions of sugar plums dancing in my head as it is visions of SUMMER! I only have 4 days left of work. I can't believe how fast time flies by. I remember being a freshmen at college and thinking how grown up I was because I was attending college. Now I am 25 and have been graduated for 2 years. Every year seems to go by faster and faster. Which means before I know it I will be 30 and have kids ( Crazy!). I am going to live it up this summer because it may be the last one I have to enjoy if Josh and I end up having kids anytime soon. Hello gym, hello tv and hello mom and dad's swimming pool. Ahh Yeah, this is going to be fabulous.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food Brain Strikes Again

the last two weeks I have had total food brain and it is driving me nuts! Serouisly brain, just give it up already. In the last post I talked about day dreaming, well lately my day dreams include french fries or chips. I have salty snack food on the mind. I think that this is ok every once in while, but I have been having this for 2 weeks straight ( Yikes). You know you have it bad when you are in bed and the food network show Unwrapped is on talking about Funions and you start to salivate and dream of eating funions. To make matters worse you have to hit the grocery store the next day and images of chips and funions nag you. Luckily I try to keep healthy so I was able to resist the urges. But I really hope this food brain goes away soon because I am growing weak. Pretty soon I will not be able to resist. I keep myself strong as I can by snacking on chips and salsa ( I know its not the healthiest, but it is better than eating a bag of funions). Food brain please leave me alone, I am currently trying to fill my belly with salad and fruit and you are making it hard for me!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


One of the teachers at my school was taking about daydreaming with her students the other day. It gave me flashbacks to junior high and High school. I remember sitting in class and totally being lost in daydreams of kissing boys or of my crush confessing his love to me ( pathetic but hey I was a teenager). I mean daydreaming was such a good time. In college I would daydream about getting married to Josh and being sudductive... Now I occasionally daydream when I drive, but I dont think thats the safest thing to do, so it rarely happens. What did you used to day dream about?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Mom!


I love you so so so much. I know that we were friends in heaven and every night in my prayers I give thanks for having you as my mom. Thanks for being my best friend and for always taking care of me. I hope Dad does today right and spoils you, because everyone deserves to be spoiled on their birthday! Have a very Happy Birthday.

Our wedding--The best day ever!

Our wedding--The best day ever!
I am such a sucker for wedding pictures so I thought I would post one of us!

My graduation, May 2008

My graduation, May 2008